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Liadis Engineering & Surveying, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based, full service land-surveying firm with over 20 years experience. Our firm has completed over 20,000 property surveys. The services we routinely provide include residential property surveys ranging in size from a single lot to parcels of hundreds of acres in size.

In addition, we perform work associated with commercial and industrial facility layout, development of residential subdivisions, and commercial facilities. This includes construction layout, topographic mapping services, utility locations, and site grading plans.

In addition to normal services associated with surveying, we also perform engineering surveys such as plumbing steel for buildings, providing tunneling control, obtaining as-built information for a variety of structures, and movement monitoring for bridge piers and buildings.

We also prepare court exhibits that document physical site conditions and measurements. We can also serve as an expert witness.

We invite you to contact us for a prompt consultation and cost proposal. You can expect a quality product at a competitive rate from our firm.

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